How to Keep Your Entryway Clutter Free

homedit dot comWhat kind of first impression does your entryway deliver?  Is it warm and inviting?  Can your family and friends easily enter? If your foyer needs some TLC, the Taos Lifestyle Team can take you from disorder at the front door to brilliantly organized.  Read on for tips that will help keep your busy life in order!



Hall Closets “How To”

Hi heart organizingave an entryway closet?  You might be missing out on major storage potential!  First and foremost, go through your closet and clean out any unwanted coats, sweaters, or other miscellaneous articles that are taking up space. Keep household items such as brooms, mops, and dusters in place by installing wall hooks. An over the door organizer hung inside the closet (shoe organizers work great!) can hold hats, gloves, and scarfs.  Use shelving and bins below your coats to store everything from baseball caps and purses to emergency items like a first aid kit.



etsyMaster of Mail

House keys, spare keys, outgoing mail, and (unfortunately) bills to be paid… These are important items that can easily get lost in the shuffle.  Instead of keeping mail in a pile on your dining room table and keys in a random drawer, hang a mail and key organizer in your entryway. There are many options from cork or chalk boards to erasable white boards so you can organize your mail, keys and keep your to do list all in one place.  Customize by choosing a wood or paint color that matches your entryway’s decorating scheme.


shoe trayStreamline Those Shoes  

Wrangle in those muddy sneakers and rain boots and keep your family’s shoes from overflowing your foyer with a shoe organizer or tray.  Trays are a perfect solution for wet, muddy, or dirt covered shoes. For a natural or rustic look, fill a shoe tray with small river rocks – this will help shoes dry out (no more puddles on your hardwood floor).  Shoe organizers keep pairs together for easy access.  Bench/organizer combos provide multi-function with locations to store necessities and those ever roaming shoes. Vertical organizers fit the bill for entryways with limited space.


Handy pinterestSaving Hooks and Shelving

Keep coats in their place with entryway hooks. Hooks can organize backpacks, umbrellas, and Fido’s leash.  Do you have little ones in your home?  Remember to hang hooks at a kid friendly height for trouble-free reach.  Easy to mount floating shelves serve as an excellent space saving “landing strip”.  Shelving with labeled bins corral small items (where did the garage door remote go?).



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