Guide to Selecting the Right Leather Furniture for Your Home

p-32315-ltd52860_s__98417Full Grain, Top Grain, Distressed… Leather furniture comes in a variety of types. The Design Team at Taos Lifestyle has put together a primer to guide you through selecting the ideal piece of furniture to bring comfort and beauty for years to come. Ready to choose what leather suits you best?  Read on for more details and product recommendations! 

American Leather College  

Full Grain Leather – The Powerhouse

p-16281-prince_300_301__05190 (1)Full-grain leather is the sturdiest and most durable leather. It also breathes well and responds easily to body temperatures while the look and feel improves with age. Full-grain is uncorrected leather that has not undergone any processes to alter the hide surface. This superior leather is taken from the outermost portion of the hide. Our Prince 300/301 Relaxer from IMG NORWAY is a supremely comfortable, Norwegian engineered push-out recliner in full grain leather. The space efficient and feature rich designs contour every curve of your body.


Top Grain – Beauty and Value

crownTop grain leather starts out as a regular hide. Then the upper layer is separated from the lower layers and is sanded and buffed to eliminate any imperfections. With the top layer removed, the leather has a more uniform finish.  One of Alamosa Home’s leather pieces is The Crown Relaxer. The space efficient and feature rich designs include 360 degree swivel base, effortless rocker-glide mechanism and headrests that are adjustable in multiple ways. The Relaxer’s mission is to contour to every curve of your body. Designed from the inside out, the core of every Relaxer’s luxurious seating is our Cold-Cured Molded Foam, the technology for the ultimate in body supportive comfort..


american-leather-logoAmerican Leather at Taos Lifestyle

Here at Taos Lifestyle, we proudly bring trusted brands including American Leather to Taos.

American Leather was founded in 1990 on one revolutionary idea: custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. In that amount of time, their 21st century furniture factory in Dallas, Texas can take your order from concept to completion. Their innovative technology blends with expert craftsmanship to create the highest quality furniture available. It’s not only durable; it’s also beautiful!

Still have questions about which leather is right for you?  Contact our Design Team at (719) 589-2030. Stop into the Taos Lifestyle storefront at 710 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM to experience our full line of leather furnishings from beautiful leather chairs and sofas to sleepers and living room sets.