Essential Advice on Decorating Your First Apartment

harlowCongratulations – you’ve found your first apartment! This moment is exhilarating (and a little terrifying as well).  Gone are the dorm room days or your childhood bedroom.  It’s time to make your new place truly yours.  Let the Taos Lifestyle Team guide you along with tried and true advice to make your space fabulous!

Whebedn to SpendAn essential piece of furniture in your apartment is your mattress and a quality mattress is a tremendous investment.  Many of us turn to our bedrooms not only for sleep, but for a quiet and comfortable place to do work-related and personal activities.  The mattress and bedding you rest upon can make all the difference. The Team at Taos Lifestyle will help you find the right combination of mattress and foundation that fits your needs, your price range, and your new space! 

framesWhen to Save

Wall art doesn’t have to be a budget bender.  Get creative and frame pages from a sculpture or architecture book, print some of your favorite quotes, or even hang a collection of empty vintage wooden frames.  Varying the sizes of your vignette adds interest.  Carpeting looking less than stellar?  Cover up those stubborn spots and introduce a layer of character to your space with an area rug.  Other wallet saving ways that won’t skimp on style include multi-purpose items such as ottomans accessory doubles as a footrest, an extra seat and as a setting for a party tray.


lacquer tableLacquer Love

Lacquer furniture and accessories look absolutely lux without breaking the bank.  Lacquer’s high gloss finish brings a high end feel to any room.  Options abound with stylish end tables, media stands, sleek chairs, and more.



Cbedroomolor, Color, Color!

Paint makes a huge statement and immediately transforms your space into something spectacular.  Whether you choose to go with light and airy hues or bold, rich colors, paint certainly adds character.  Be sure to follow our Paint 101 rules.  When choosing your color, decide what feel you want to create in the room (tranquil in the bedroom for a restful sleep, vibrant in the dining room for lively entertaining). Before painting, view the color during different times of day as well as with your lighting. Ask your paint store for an 8 ounce sample and test it out on your wall before committing to your color. Learn the differences between flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss (and where each finish is best used).


be you signLet Your Style Shine

Last but not least, focus on your personality…  There’s no need to follow the crowd when it comes to your space.  Love the vintage look?  Smitten with shabby chic?  Mad for modern? Make your first apartment your own with what you love.  Then host a fabulous get together for friends and family and enjoy the amazing apartment you’ve worked so hard to create!



What are your “saves” and “splurges” when furnishing your space?  Share with the Taos Lifestyle Community in the comments below!