Choosing the Perfect Power Lift Chair

recliner-chairs-lazy-boy-chairs-chair-la-z-boy-harvey-for-amazing-house-882x588When you realize your partner, loved one, or even yourself needs a lift chair, it’s common to feel as though a bit of freedom has vanished.  Visions of cold, industrial “hospital style” chairs may come to mind. The Team at Taos Lifestyle is here to assure you that lift chairs have come a long way.  Not only do they provide the power to sit, stand, and recline at the touch of a button, but they offer a variety of choices.  Adding a lift chair to the home can actually be an enjoyable experience.   Suddenly greater independence is possible without having to give up comfort and style.  Your first step is to assess your personal situation and needs.  Then follow these easy tips to successfully choose the right lift chair:

What Size Fits?

Incorporating a new power lift chair into your room doesn’t need to be daunting.  These chairs come in an impressive range of sizes to accommodate the actual spacing footprint the chair takes up as well as the sizing (height and weight) of the person using it.  For example, Best Home Furnishing’s “Saver” feature allows you to push the recliner as close as two inches away from the wall to create more space in the room.  Another option from Best Home Furnishings’ is the Roscoe power lift (aka The Beast”), able to hold up to 350 pounds.  La-Z-Boy offers an updated classic of a tall man’s recliner into a large scale luxury-lift.  From petite sizing and space saving options to larger dimensions and an extended chaise, choose what feels and fits right.


image7Choose Your Style

No longer does your lift chair need to stand out conspicuously amidst your room decor.   Gone is the standard and bland.  Lift chairs come in a variety of design options that incorporate seamlessly into your style.  Does your room have a casual comfortable feel?  La-Z-Boy power lift chairs are generously upholstered with plump seating and arm rests for ultimate comfort. IMG Norway delivers a sleek contemporary design with a focus on space efficiency. Looking for first class customization options? Best Home Furnishings’ Uplifting Comfort Series has 20+ styles with over 700 covering options.  Whatever brand and style you choose; your power lift chair can be tailored to your needs.


la-z-boy-georgia-fabric-sofa-details-frank-knighton-for-attractive-home-677x1014Options for Everyone

Lift chairs offer so much more than assisting with sitting and standing.  Today’s power lift chairs come with additions designed to maximize the overall experience.   Once you’ve determined what type of size and style lift chair fits your needs, your next step is to evaluate all of the options to choose from.  Just a few possibilities that come with lift chairs include a recliner option, soothing heat, fully body massage, zero gravity, and hand held remotes.



Ask the Experts

The Taos Lifestyle Team understands the importance of selecting a lift chair that’s just right and we’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish.  Stop into our Taos at 710 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571 or call us at 575-758-5885. Take advantage of our Design Team’s personalized service – we’re here for you!

Do you have a lift chair or know someone who does?  What were the reasons to choose the specific chair? Share your viewpoint with the Taos Lifestyle Community in the comments below!

  • Not only this design but these lift chairs are now available in various designs , it depends what kind of design you want for you..